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Wedding Planning 101: What Tools Are Available to Help Plan Your Wedding?

Wedding Planning 101: What Tools Are Available to Help Plan Your Wedding?


Got a wedding in your near future? There’s an app for that. And a website. And a social network.

We get it. Planning a wedding is daunting. It’s a fact. Finding and testing vendors, picking a venue, creating a guest list, and even a music playlist all require organization and decision-making.

Fortunately you don’t have to do it alone. The modern bride-to-be has no shortage of websites, apps, and resources at her disposal to take some of the stress out of wedding planning. When we asked our event coordinators what tech tools they recommend to brides and grooms, here is what they said:

The Knot

No surprise here! The Knot is your one-stop shop for all possible wedding resources and tips. Users of this ever-updating site have access to:

  • Intuitive tools to design your personal Wedding Website
  • A gift registry
  • Guest List Manager
  • Personal organizational tools such as checklists, favorites, and budget planner
  • And a real-life concierge that will help you find a wedding venue.

Their website also provides listings of local vendors, rings & dresses, and photos/ideas to find inspiration for your own special day. All the tools and resources mentioned are free; all you need is to sign up for an account and you’re ready to start planning.

It doesn’t matter how far along you already are with planning your special day; The Knot will find a way to inspire you.

iWedding Deluxe

This handy app is ideal for the bride-to-be on the go. No longer must brides be constrained to a monitor in order to access guest lists, seating chart, gift registry, an/or vendor info.

iWedding Deluxe takes wedding planning one step further by really making the most of your smart phone’s capabilities. Photos and phone media can seamlessly be integrated into your wedding planning materials, the app will create suggestions for your First Dance via iTunes.

It goes without saying that planning a wedding requires a tremendous amount of footwork, and you’d be hard pressed to find a more convenient tool than iWedding Deluxe.


Though certainly not limited to wedding related tasks, Taskrabbit is nonetheless an ace in the hole when pulling together a big event. To the uninitiated, Taskrabbit is allows users to post tasks that they require help with. This could be anything from moving items or furniture assembly to finding a bartender, DJ, or photographer. No matter the task you are bound to find interested parties looking to take you up on the offer. Weddings are comprised of countless odd-jobs and roles that require talented and capable individuals to accomplish them.
Let Taskrabbit connect you with someone who can take some stress off your plate.


Ladymarry provides wedding planners with both mobile and browser solutions for all their wedding planning needs. Vendors, checklists, organizational tools; the necessary tools are all included.

One unique and charming feature Ladymarry offers is the ability to “collaborate” with loved ones. Ladymarry allows you to invite friends and loved ones on outings to vendors or venues right through the app. Over 83,000 weddings have used Ladymarry and that number grows every day. It’s not hard to see why.


Last on our list is WeddingHappy, the Wedding Planning App. Like other tools on our list, WeddingHappy provides wedding planners with a toolset to organize themselves for the big day.

One of the most unique features of Wedding Happy is their countdown. That’s right, WeddingHappy provides users with a countdown that counts the days until your special day. It may sound a little stress-inducing but as any wedding planner will attest every day counts.

Beyond that, users have access to task lists that they can assign, track, and share. WeddingHappy also facilitates users with sending out invitations to friends and family, though admittedly at a subscription model cost.

WeddingHappy is currently only available on iOS, but is strongly recommended for brides-to-be seeking a mobile solution to plan their special day.

These tools are not the only solutions available to help plan your special day, just some of our favorites; a quick google search will undoubtedly reveal blogs that can inspire styles or ideas, apps that provide tools to organize your tasks and budget, and vendors offering the very things that make your special day special. We recommend trying them out and finding the one that feels right to you.

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