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Can I Host my Eco-Friendly Wedding at The Salem Convention Center?

Can I Host my Eco-Friendly Wedding at The Salem Convention Center?

Dear Salem Convention Center,

I recently got engaged and am searching for wedding and reception venues in the Salem, Oregon area and came across your facility. My fiance and I want to throw an elegant and fun event for our guests, but we also want to be environmentally conscious. Is it possible for us to have the wedding that we want without leaving a carbon footprint?

Sincerely, Jessica

You’ll be pleased to know that Salem Convention Center is the perfect fit for environmentally conscious couples. Salem Convention Center is just one of two Salem, Oregon buildings to earn LEED-EB Silver Certification, one step above LEED Certification.

You will find that the Salem Convention Center staff is very attentive and well versed in sustainable practices as a result of our ongoing training. In fact, we are continuously reviewing and updating our practices to match the latest in environmental trends. The efforts and accomplishments of our staff are reflected in several certifications and honors:

Here are some other special amenities you can expect when hosting a “green” wedding at Salem Convention Center:

Renewable Energy Systems to Power Your Event. Our efficient 99-kilowatt solar panel system and wind power from Portland General Electric provides a reliable source of renewable energy and helps us meet our commitment to lower our carbon footprint. We use ENERGY STAR equipment throughout our facility when possible.  Not to mention, guests will be happy to know we also offer electric-vehicle charging stations! 

When possible, the Salem Convention Center utilizes resources from our local surroundings and does its part to give back to the community:

      • SCC has its own water tower with a closed loop system located on the roof. This system allows only evaporated water to leave our heating and cooling system, thus conserving water. The water tower also utilizes outside rainwater and chills the water in order to conserve energy.
      • SCC owns an energy recovery unit (ERU). This system draws in outside air and mixes it with inside air for use within the facility to meet temperature needs.
      • All of SCC’s air handling units and water heaters are 95% efficient.
      • SCC has been successful in reducing its thermal footprint by using a low reflecting membrane roof.
      • SCC reduces our carbon footprint and supports the local economy by purchasing most of our products and food from local suppliers.

Beautiful and Eco-Conscious Event Spaces. We provide stunning and spacious spaces to fit a variety of needs; but beneath the surface lies a design-built around sustainability:

      • The terrazzo floor, located in the Santiam Gallery, made of recycled material from the building that stood here previously.
      • The beautiful Worthwood floor in our Willamette Foyer made from recycled plywood ends.
      • The carpet in the hallway of our upper level made from a recycled nylon and plastic mix.
      • The low wattage fluorescent lighting used throughout the facility.

Waste Free Zone! We are known for our extensive company-wide recycling and composting policies. We know the impact waste can have on our planet and work hard to compost, recycle, and reuse everything we can.

    • SCC composts throughout entire facility
    • Extensive recycling of all plastic material and Styrofoam
    • Our partner hotel, The Grand Hotel in Salem, is also dedicated to eco-friendly practices and participates in“Clean the World,” by recycling all used soap products from guest rooms.
    • SCC uses recycled paper for all printed material.
    • SCC purchases all Green Seal certified janitorial supplies.
    • Offers edible uneaten food to Union Gospel Mission to feed the less-fortunate, donating on average 600 meals a week.

To learn more about the Salem Convention Center’s sustainable practices, visit our website or feel free to contact our office at (866) 614-1900.

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