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Who Can Guide Us Around During our Visit to Salem, Oregon?

Who Can Guide Us Around During our Visit to Salem, Oregon?

Read Why Travel Salem’s Greeters Program Is a Wonderful & Authentic Way to Explore Our City. 

Dear Salem Convention Center,

Our office is heading to the area next month for a major convention and a few of us would like to take some time to explore the city while we are there! Is there a tour group or company that could take us on a tour around the downtown area while we’re there?

Sincerely, Rick M. – Gresham, Oregon

Dear Rick,

Salem is a great place to explore full of history, unique architecture, shopping, resturants, culture and other local points of interest you will enjoy visiting while you are here. Since we are in the heart of the downtown area, your group has a number of tours and convenient options to consider. Many of our event attendees enjoy taking a self-guided walking tour in between meetings and scheduled events, but if you’re like many travelers, it’s interesting to get to know the city through the eyes and experiences of a local guide. Fortunately, Travel Salem has a program just for you.

The Travel Salem Greeters program is a FREE guided, personalized tour of Downtown Salem, Oregon. The program is led by local volunteers who take individual tourists and small groups of 6 or less on informal, unscripted tours around the city’s most iconic places and share their personal perspectives for a truly authentic Salem experience. What better way is there to explore Salem’s rich history and cultural gems hidden throughout the “Cherry City”? Greeters are not professional or licensed guides, but they will be able to share personal anecdotes and unique perspectives about living and working in Salem. A greeter shows you around in ways a friend or family member would and may share their favorite places in the city with you. A greeter can also share tips about what to see in the area, as well as orient you on public transportation.

Greeter visits are scheduled from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday. The meeting location will be the Travel Salem Visitors Center located at 181 High St. NE in downtown Salem, Oregon. Visits are conducted throughout the year, rain or shine. Please click here to register for your free guided visit at least 7 days in advance. Greeter guided visits are customized depending on your particular interests and typically span 1-2 hours in duration. Click here to make your reservation for a personalized walking tour of our beautiful downtown Salem, Oregon!

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