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Introducing Our Newest Addition to The Oregon Artist Series Exhibit: “The Sentinels”

Introducing Our Newest Addition to The Oregon Artist Series Exhibit: “The Sentinels”

Have you ever wondered about the contemporary works of art that grace our walls and courtyard and who is behind it all?

This carefully curated art collection is part of The Oregon Artist Series, an exhibition that introduces Oregon art to thousands of hotel guests, conference attendees, Salem residents and many others who might otherwise not be familiar with the art of our region.

As part of our commitment to support public art and Oregon artists in our community, The Salem Convention Center installed it’s newest piece, “The Sentinels”, to the Oregon Artist Series collection earlier this fall. This extraordinary sculpture was created by former Oregon State University art professor, John Maul, who passed away in 2012.

Last spring, OSU honored the life and the work of John Maul with a commemorative exhibit, “A Generous Life,” in Fairbanks Gallery on campus and published a detailed biography on the artist stating,

“His work is centered around three themes; Architecture, with its function as environmental sculpture; religious iconography, with its history of symbolic representation, both positive and negative; and vessel forms, with their natural connotations toward earth and protection. He was a person who enjoyed process in his work, and he loved to employ a wide range of media, surface, and texture in his work.”

Click here to read the full article.

“The Sentinels” by John Maul is hanging in the Convention Center in the South Gallery.

The public is invited to come to The Salem Convention Center to view “The Sentinels” and other pieces that are part of The Oregon Artist Series. Included in the series is the popular public art exhibit “Sculpture Now”,featuring five city-owned sculptures, plus works by others by artists throughout the Northwest that are now part of our permanent collection displayed in our lobby.

The Sentinels by John Maul

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