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Can We Take a Virtual Tour of The Salem Convention Center?

Can We Take a Virtual Tour of The Salem Convention Center?

Dear Salem Convention Center,

My siblings and I are trying to plan a family reunion for next spring, but we all live in different states. We’d like to host our event in Salem, Oregon but it’s a challenge for us all to come together and tour your facility in person. We love seeing the photographs, but it’s hard to get a true sense of the event space. Is it possible to take a virtual tour online? Thanks!

Sincerely, Sue J. in Independence, OR

Dear Sue,

This is a common challenge for families and event planners. Obviously, the best way to get an authentic feel for our event spaces would be to get in touch with us and let us give you an in-person tour. But we realize this is not always possible for those who live out-of-state and even in other countries.

For those who cannot come to Salem, Oregon in person to tour the facility, our 720° TrueTour™ virtual tour is the next best thing. TrueTour® Technology is a virtual tool that enables online visitors to get an immersive 360° view of our event space. Think of it like a virtual brochure, but better.

We could describe the features inside of the Salem Convention Center, but we’d rather show you. By capturing 360° images of our event spaces, it’s possible to see our 30,000 square feet of versatile meeting space from every angle, facing any direction, from anywhere in the world and on just about any device. Whether you are searching for event space for a wedding, reunion, a multi-day convention or a meeting, this tool gives the user to determine if The Salem Convention Center is right for them. In addition, visitors can experience a tour of the adjoining Grand Hotel in Salem and Bentley’s Grill. Click below to experience it for yourself! 

We hope to have the opportunity to welcome your family to our facility for your reunion and please feel free to reach out with any additional questions you have after taking the virtual tour.


The Salem Convention Center Event Staff

Salem Convention Center Staff


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