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What Do Brides Say About Their Experience at The Salem Convention Center?

What Do Brides Say About Their Experience at The Salem Convention Center?

Our Favorite REAL Reviews & Testimonials By Brides

It’s humbling to reflect on the number of brides who have trusted us with one of the most important occasions in their lives- their wedding day. There is something special and unique about each and every wedding that has been hosted in our facility. Our moto is “Your Day, Your Way!” We get that every bride has a vision, and we will do everything we can to bring her dream wedding to fruition.

We believe in active listening as a way to continually adapt and improve our services in the ever-changing wedding planning industry so we “keep our ear to the ground” and carefully read every Salem Convention Center review we can find. Whether you’ve hosted a wedding with 10 guests or 800, your feedback is invaluable to us. If you are searching for a wedding venue in Salem, Oregon, we encourage you to do as much research as possible. Looking through photos of past weddings that have taken place in our facility in addition to reading unbiased reviews and testimonials from real brides are an excellent way to find the right venue for you. What do brides and former wedding guests say about our service? Our facility? The food? Their overall experience?

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Here are some recent reviews to give you an idea of what The Salem Convention Center can offer to you. Most of them are glowing (don’t mean to brag) but not all are perfect,though we strive for perfection! Read on and decide for yourself:

“My wedding day was flawless! It was great working with and planning everything out with Sarah. The convention center supplied us with centerpieces, candy jars, scoops, napkins, and saved my husband and I so much money! Sarah had brilliant ideas and recommended us to places that had fun props that made our reception room fun and creative. With the help of Sarah and her staff, I had a beautiful wedding day to always remember. Sarah and her crew helped out with so many things! From setting up, decorating our guest tables, moving around rented props, helping us set up the ceremony room, and tearing down, their gracious help took a lot of stress off of this bride’s shoulders! The wait staff were friendly, considerate, and catered to our wants and needs. Everyone went above and beyond and I can’t thank the convention center staff enough! My husband and I were very pleased with the service! The only thing that my husband and I would have changed would be the way our steaks were initially cooked, but it was our fault we weren’t specific on how we wanted our food to be. The wait staff and chefs were able to cook our food to our preference though, so it worked out for us. I would 100% recommended to any couple looking for a venue to get married at. Thank you, Salem Convention Center for one of the best days of my life!”

-Posted by Shanelle S.  Read more at: whirlocal.com & Salem Convention 

We appreciate Shanelle mentioning our top notch service in addition to our capability to be an all inclusive venue. Handling many of the details such as setting up, breaking down, centerpieces, candy jars, scoops, napkins, etc. saves couples time, money and stress. That is one of the big perks of hosting your wedding with us! We also appreciate the feedback about the steaks, we’re glad our wait staff and chefs were able to find a solution that worked for everyone. That’s what we do!

“Our wedding day turned out amazing and we couldn’t have done it without the help of the staff at SCC. Our wedding coordinator, Sarah, was awesome and super helpful! We used the Croisan A,B & C rooms as well as the Pringle room. Both spaces were a great fit for our 60 guests. The catering services were fabulous and the food was delicious. I would definitely recommend this venue.”

-Posted on The Knot by Krista A.

We’re so happy Krista was pleased with our planner, our facility, and catering! The Croisan Creek Room and the Pringle Creek Room are both beautiful and versatile locations to host a wedding celebration, she chose well!

“From my first contact with Soraida Cross to my initial and followup meetings with Sarah Verheyden, I was very impressed by the professional staff and help with my event. I am not a big party planner, so having Sarah guide me through menu options, beverages and room set up was a big help. Sarah answered questions in a timely manner, offered many suggestions and was overall a big help to me. She is, without a doubt, an asset to the Convention Center. THANK YOU so much for making this a wonderful event.”

Posted by Roxie B.- Read more at salemconventioncenter.whirlocal.com

We agree! Our event planning staff is the best! We bend over backward to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Many brides have told us they felt they were in good hands which helped them to relax and focus on what’s most important during this very special time. 

“I had my wedding at the Salem Convention Center and it was so BEAUTIFUL! Sarah made everything come together and I had no stress! The wedding was wonderful, beautiful, amazing! I would definitely recommend the Convention Center, and Sarah, to anyone thinking about getting married or having any kind of party!”

-Posted on weddingwire.com by Sandra

Wow! What more can we say? When you’re happy, we’re happy!

“I had my wedding here and it was a fantastic blank slate to turn into whatever I wanted to. We had an entire ballroom and had the ceremony on one side and the reception on another. It worked out great for the wedding. Sarah was our primary contact and she was delightful to work with and very accommodating. It all went very smoothly even though we were coordinating a lot of people at once. They even let us have bagpipers which are very loud and there were 5 other weddings going on. I win! The food was awesome. Had some salmon which was cooked perfectly, some perfectly cooked steak with blue cheese butter, a bunch of appetizers that were fantastic including ahi tuna and smoked salmon platter. We even were complemented that the food was like a 5-star restaurant. Only complaint was that they were the alcohol police. About 1/4 of our party was cut off from drinking, and most of them hadn’t been drinking heavily. (there are always a couple, I’ll give them that) Everyone even had hotel rooms for that night, and we warned them ahead of time we get rowdy. It still went great, just had to make the bride drink more with everyone! No one can say no to the bride when she goes to order 20 shots :)”

– Posted on Facebook by Lindsay H

Yes, we believe your wedding is a blank slate for you to customize and personalize as you wish. Brides get to the be “Director” of their big day, and we make it happen. We are so happy the food was such a hit with the guests! In respect to this reviewer’s comments about our alcohol management practices, we completely understand that wedding guests want to cut loose and have a good time. However, we are legally required to follow specific guidelines for the safety and welfare of everyone in attendance. It’s a pretty standard practice in most event venues to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed. Fortunately, our bartenders have lots of experience with finding the perfect balance of having a good time while drinking responsibly.

“My husband and I were married in the Grand Hotel 10/15/2016. Originally, our ceremony was to be held at an outdoor venue, with just the reception at the Hotel. Three days before our wedding, after looking at the weather forecast, we decided we needed to move to an indoor venue. Sarah was incredible and helped us find a room down the hall from our reception venue, coordinated floral arrangements, and gave great tips on how to make the space our own. The reception was great – the food was amazing, and we couldn’t have been happier with how our special day turned out. Thank you, Salem Convention Center!”

– Posted by Shelby C. on Facebook

Wow! It’s an honor that we were able to help “save the day”! As lovely as outdoor weddings are, Mother Nature does not always cooperate! Even if you have to book a “last-minute” affair, we’ve got your back!

Hope these reviews help you determine whether or not The Salem Convention Center is the right venue for you! When you’re ready to explore more options and get a tour, let us know! Click here to get started! 

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