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Wedding 101: What Can I Delegate to Friends & Family?

Wedding 101: What Can I Delegate to Friends & Family?

As you probably could guess, we know weddings. Our event staff knows a lot about wedding planning, budgeting, trends, catering, tracking the smallest details and how brides can stay organized. But what about the tasks a bride DOESN’T have to do?

For most brides, planning a wedding can seem like an overwhelming undertaking with an endless “To-Do” list. Here’s the good news: people want to help. “The best piece of advice I can give to a bride is not to try to do it all by yourself,” says SCC’s Catering Manager (and recent bride) Sarah Verheyden. “This is the time to turn to your support network and delegate some of the tasks to them. Most people are honored to help”.

For brides hosting their wedding at The Salem Convention Center, many of common tasks on your “to-do” list will already be delegated to our outstanding professional service staff. All inclusive venues like ours will handle most of the rental items such as centerpieces, tables, chairs, linen, cloth napkins, staging for a head table & ceremony, full place settings, a dance floor and more.
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No matter the size and scope of your wedding, we recommend following these tips to help you avoid wedding overwhelm:

Tip #1: Ask Yourself These Questions

To enjoy your big day, it’s wise to keep things in perspective and to prioritize the most important elements of your wedding. To help do this, we recommend that you ask yourself the following questions for each task on your “To-Do” list:

Do I HAVE to do/have _______ in my wedding or reception?
Do I WANT to do/have ______ on my wedding day?

If the answer to both of these questions is YES, this should be at the top of your list of priorities and something you probably want to keep on your “to-do” list. Perhaps you can ask for someone to help you.

If the answer to question #1 is NO but question #2 is YES- This could be an ideal task to delegate to a reliable friend or family member.

If the answer to question #1 is YES and question #2 is NO- Ask yourself if you can delegate this task to someone else.

If the answer to both of these questions is NO- Eliminate this task and take it off your plate! You don’t want it or need it in your wedding.

Tip #2: Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely.

A wedding party is more than a glorified glam squad. They actually serve a purpose, hence the name “Bridesmaids” and “Groomsmen”. These are individuals who can and should assist both the bride and groom during the planning process and on the big day. To give you a better idea of the expectations of members of your wedding party, follow this list we found on http://www.weddingbells.ca/advice/how-to-delegate-bridal-party-duties/ by etiquette expert Karen Cleveland.

“The maid or matron of honor
· Plays the role of bride’s air traffic controller, helping to ensure the bridesmaid dresses (and required shoes or accessories) are purchased, invitations are addressed and shower gifts are tracked so thank you cards can be swiftly sent.
· Helpfully communicates registry information and assists with the seating chart.
· Helps the bride shop for a dress and other wearables for the wedding.
· Hosts (or co-hosts) a shower for the bride.
· On the wedding day helps the bride with her veil, dress, bustle and other sartorial needs.
· Holds the groom’s ring before the ceremony and holds the bride’s bouquet during her vows.
· Signs the registry, along with the best man.
· Graciously gives a thoughtful toast to the bride and groom.
· Works alongside the best man on the wedding day to assist with vendors and safely storing gifts at the reception.
· After the reception, offers to store the wedding gown until the bride can make arrangements for it.

The best man
· Is the groom’s right hand man, ensuring other groomsmen have their outfits sorted out and that any decorations that need to be taken down from the ceremony are swiftly removed.
· Hosts (or co-hosts along with the other groomsmen) a special day or night for the groom.
· Works alongside the maid of honor on the wedding day to assist with vendors and safely storing gifts at the reception
· On the wedding day, takes the officiant’s payment from the groom and gives it to the officiant.
· Holds the bride’s ring before the ceremony.
· Helps coordinate travel for the wedding day including getting the couple to and from the reception, as well as arranging their honeymoon luggage if the couple is whisking off immediately after the reception.
· Signs the registry, along with the maid of honor.
· Gives the first toast of the reception to the bride and groom.

The entire bridal party
· Lavishes the special couple with love, attention and warm wishes ─ their chief responsibility.
· Attends wedding-related activities including the shower, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, the wedding (of course) and post-wedding festivities like a next-day brunch or lunch.
· Pays for their attire, with the exception of flowers. The cost of bouquets and boutonnieres are not the responsibility of the bridal party. If pre-wedding primping is arranged, each attendant pays for their own hair, makeup, nails and such.
· Arranges and foots the bill for their own transportation, though it is a nice gesture for the bride or groom to host them if they are from out of town.
· Stands in the receiving line and is generally helpful at the wedding, directing people to the guest book, bar, gifts table and so on.”

Tip #3: Be Gracious.

You want to get everyone involved, but you don’t want to burden your friends or family with chores that are inappropriate. Be respectful of their time and resources and ask them in advance if this is a task they are comfortable doing. Examples of tasks you can delegate and/or recruit helpers are

Picking up specific items at a specific time
Help put together wedding favors
Help assemble Welcome Bags for guests
Wrapping wedding party gifts
Confirm with wedding vendors
Help with DIY decor
Confirming place cards
Greet and pay the wedding vendors upon arrival
Keep track of time and help the MC stay on schedule
Attend to the guest book
Assembling invitations
Assemble an Emergency Kit

Tip #4: Be Clear.

You don’t want to be a “control-freak” but if you have asked someone to help with a specific task, tell them what you want in a way that is clear and easy to remember. Providing a list of specifics is often helpful.

Tip #5: Know when to say no.

Remember, this is YOUR wedding and you want to avoid too many cooks in the kitchen! Be open to your helper’s ideas, but don’t be afraid to say gracefully say no to any suggestions that are not in line with what you envision.

We know that you have a lot to do and think about before your big day, but remember that you do not need to do it all alone. Choose reliable and trusted friends to assist you, including your fiancé. You deserve a wonderful wedding day filled with many happy, stress-free memories.

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