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Five Great Reasons to Host a Summer Wedding in Salem, Oregon

Five Great Reasons to Host a Summer Wedding in Salem, Oregon

Are you feeling torn between a warm and rustic fall wedding or a light and airy spring event? Why not consider a summer wedding? There are few events as special as a summertime wedding, especially here in Salem, Oregon. Before you set the date for the big day, consider these five practical – and fiscal – reasons to get married in the summer: 

The Bright & Beautiful Willamette Foyer With low humidity, relatively mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine- there’s no place better to be than in Oregon during the summer months! Fortunately, the Salem Convention Center offers a number of beautiful spaces for wedding guests to take full advantage of the gorgeous summer days and evenings. Our spacious Willamette Foyer offers a gorgeous natural light that you can’t find anywhere else in addition to beautiful views of downtown and the summer blooms, Minto Brown & Riverfront Park, and so much more! The best part? Since our space is air-conditioned, you’ll never have to worry about temperature control. 


Eco Friendly Wedding Venues

Nature is in full bloom. Summertime is the perfect time to take full advantage of the natural beauty fragrant flora of the season. This natural décor reduces the cost of decorations, like balloons and arrangements, to create an inexpensive and gorgeous venue for your wedding event. When you do budget for centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres, you will notice flowers being less costly during summer, when they are in bloom and locally available.

There is an abundance of seasonal ingredients. Our catering staff specializes in creating menu plans for any occasion using the freshest seasonal ingredients around. The abundance of fresh summer produce and ingredients gives us more flexibility to create the perfect menu for your guests. If your wedding reception is a less formal occasion, you can cut costs by serving elegant appetizers and drinks, instead of a traditional sit-down meal, or opt for fun self-serve stations so that guests can help themselves.

Travel is easier. When you are waiting on guests coming to your wedding from away, the weather can complicate things. Summer weather is less likely to interfere with travel plans, eliminating the chance of snow or ice storms that can wreak havoc on your special day. You may also find cheaper fares during summer when airlines and hotels are vying for family vacation travelers.

All eyes are on you. Do you really want to cover-up that beautiful wedding dress with a heavy wrap or coat? Plan a wedding in the summer, when all eyes will be on you and your dress – without the added bulk of foul-weather attire. Furthermore, the conventional color schemes of summer are perfect for a warm-weather wedding; think pastels, neons, and natural neutral earth-tones.  

The Salem Convention Center staff knows how to best reap the benefits of getting married during the warmer summer season. In addition to our outdoor spaces, we offer elegant ballrooms, stunning interiors with plenty of natural light, first class service, convenient parking and lodging….all in a beautiful setting with downtown Salem, Oregon as the backdrop.

We have hosted hundreds of events through the years, and our professional event planners will work hard to make sure your wedding day will be everything you envision down to the last detail. Whether you are newly engaged or have been waiting for the right time to set the date, we hope you will consider hosting your wedding with us.


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