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Salem Convention Center’s Green Practices

The Salem Convention Center recently received certification from Marion County as an EarthWISE business. EarthWISE certification is a free program that recognizes businesses in Marion County that have made a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. To obtain EarthWISE certification, a business must meet criteria for recycling, waste reduction and prevention, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy efficiency and conservation, and water pollution prevention. The Marion County Public Works Department – Environmental Services staff conduct an on-site assessment to determine EarthWISE certification and certification is valid for two years from the certification date.

The Salem Convention Center is committed to preserving the environment. This was the objective for SCC from the ground up. Several initiatives have already been implemented throughout the facility and others are in the works. SCC’s team remains committed to exploring new opportunities to better conserve and reuse our valuable resources.

  • SCC has its own water tower with a closed loop system located on the roof. This system allows only evaporated water to leave our heating and cooling system thus conserving water. The water tower also utilizes outside rain water and chills the water in order to conserve energy.
  • SCC owns an energy recovery unit (ERU). This system draws in outside air and mixes it with inside air for use within the facility to meet temperature needs.
  • The terrazzo floor, located in the Santiam Gallery, is made of recycled material from the building that stood here previously.
  • The beautiful Worthwood floor in our Willamette Foyer is made from recycled plywood ends.
  • The carpet in the hallway of our upper level is made from a recycled nylon and plastic mix.
  • All of SCC’s air handling units and water heaters are 95% efficient.
  • SCC has been successful in reducing its thermal footprint by using a low reflecting membrane roof.
  • SCC uses low wattage florescent lighting throughout the facility.
  • SCC purchases all Green Seal certified janitorial supplies.
  • SCC purchases as much ENERGY STAR equipment as possible.
  • SCC purchases a percentage of Portland General Electric’s wind power.
  • SCC is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council.

SCC is dedicated to the practice of increasing the efficiency of our building. We encourage and promote recycling, energy and water efficiency in order to reduce our impact on the environment.