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August, 2019

August, 2019 
Regeneron Healthcare Solutions8/5/2019
Regional Economic Models Inc8/6/2019
UFCW Local 5558/6-7/19
Nellie Edge Seminars8/10/2019
Oregon Judicial Department8/13/2019
Rotary Club of Salem8/14/2019
Clayton and Smart Wedding8/16/2019
Inspire Foundation8/17/2019
Japanese Delegation from Iyo8/17/2019
Rivera and Pham Wedding8/17/2019
Sprague High School Class of 998/17/2019
Japanese Delegation from Iyo8/20/2019
Rotary Club of Salem8/21/2019
Stayton High School8/23/2019
Parks and Bones Wedding8/24/2019
South Salem High School Reunion8/24/2019
Essex Labs8/26-27/19
Les Schwab8/27/2019
Voc Rehab8/27-29/19
Clayton Homes8/28-29/19
Rotary Club of Salem8/28/2019
Best and Wolf Dinner8/30/2019
Tapia and Jimenez Wedding8/31/2019

September, 2019

Best and Wolf Brunch9/1/2019
Associated General Contractors of Oregon9/4/2019
Rotary Club of Salem9/4/2019
South Salem High School Reunion9/7/2019
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce9/9/2019
Salem Keizer Education Foundation9/10/2019
State Farm9/10/2019
McNary High School Reunion9/13/2019
Oregon Poetry Association9/14-15/19
Anfilofieff and Stoddard Wedding9/14/2019
Haley's Heroes Foundation9/14/2019
Shadow Realm Games LLC9/15/2019
Hispanic Heritage Month Breakfast9/16/2019
Financial Crimes and Digital Evidence9/17-19/19
Health Net Medicare Advantage9/17/2019
Regence BlueCross BlueShield9/17/2019
Catholic Community Services Lunch9/18/2019
Liberty House Luncheon9/19/2019
Withnell/DeMuniz Dinner9/19/2019
Jerry Jones Direct9/19-20/19
American Association of Diabetes Educators9/19-21/19
Oregon School Boards Association9/20-21/19
Kessler and Hakes Wedding9/21/2019
Western Christian School9/21/2019
CCO Oregon9/24/2019
Confederation of Oregon School Administrators9/24-25/19
Criminal Justice Commission9/24/2019
State Farm9/24/2019
Oregon EMS Conference9/25-28/19
Rotary Club of Salem9/25/2019
T-Mobile In Crowd9/29-30/19

October, 2019

Oregon Association of Realtors10/1-3/19
Amazing You Conference10/4/2019
Union Gospel Mission10/4/2019
Hillerich and French Wedding10/5/2019
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce10/7/2019
Oregon Department of Transportation10/8/2019
National Association of Mortgage Brokers10/9-10/19
Public Employees Retirement System10/9/2019
University of Oregon10/9/2019
State of OR HVAR10/10/2019
Nellie Edge10/11/2019
Salem Professional Fire Fighters10/12/2019
Marion Polk Food Share10/13/2019
Oregon Public Purchasing Association10/14-15/19
Saalfeld Griggs10/14/2019
Habitat for Humanity10/15/2019
Higher Education Coordinating Commission10/16-17/19
Rotary Club of Salem10/16/2019
Saalfeld Griggs Employment Seminar10/16/2019
University of Oregon10/16/2019
Salem Hospital10/17/2019
Higher Education Coordinating Commission10/18/2019
Project Management Institute10/18/2019
Kaiser Permanente10/19/2019
Business Oregon10/20-21/19
WVP Health Authority10/21/2019
Episcopal Diocese10/24-26/19
Family Building Blocks10/24/2019
Health Net Medicare Advantage10/24/2019
State Farm10/24/2019
Willamette Humane Society10/26/2019
Oregon Economic Development Association10/28-29/19
Oregon School Personnel Association10/28/2019
Neighborhood Partnerships10/29-30/19
UnionBanc Investment Services LLC10/29/2019
Rotary Club of Salem10/30/2019