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April, 2019

April 2019DateAttendees
Oregon Wheat Growers League4/1-3/201955
Cascade Living Group4/2/201920
ECRM/Path to Simple Meeting4/2/201930
Oregon Day on the Hill4/2-3/201965
Oregon Transportation Forum4/2/201960
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce Career Connection4/2/2019600
Rotary Club of Salem4/3/201975
SAIF Corporation4/3/2019200
NW Dealer Direct4/4/201955
Oregon State Thespians4/4-6/2019600
Columbia Bank4/5/201917
Safety Banquet for FSA's Transportation4/6/201970
Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon4/7/201950
Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council4/8-9/201945
Oregon Primary Care Association4/8/2019100
Home Builders Association4/9/2019100
Kaiser Permanente4/9/201950
Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon4/9/201995
Willamette Valley Estate Planning Council4/9/201950
Young Life4/9/201914
Oregon Association of Realtors4/10-12/2019130
Oregon Distillers Guild4/10/201975
Rotary Club of Salem4/10/201975
University of Oregon Spring Reception4/10/2019100
Boys and Girls Luncheon4/11/2019700
Salem Hospital Volunteer Recognition Event4/11/2019150
American Association of University Women4/12-14/2019100
Jerry Jones Direct4/12-13/201910
Oregon Cheerleading4/12-14/2019200
Nellie Edge Seminars4/13/201935
Skinner 90th Birthday Celebration4/13/201950
Daymond John's Success Formula4/15/2019100
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Forum4/15/2019150
HP West All Team Meeting4/16-18/201930
Oregon Trucking Association4/17-19/2019150
Physicians World4/17/20197
Rotary Club of Salem4/17/201975
WVP Health Authority4/17/2019120
Remembering, Forgetting and Protecting the Aging Brain4/18/2019170
OHBA Legislative Reception4/18/201940
Oregon School Boards Association4/18/2019240
SMART Event4/18/2019150
H & R Block Salem4/19/201927
Special Districts Association of Oregon4/19/2019100
Columbia Bank4/20/2019350
Equipo Vision4/21/20191000
Marion County CASA4/22/201930
Smart Energy Today4/22/201930
Change Healthcare4/23/201920
ELC Luncheon/Leadership Youth Graduation4/23/2019150
Smart Energy Today4/23/201930
Oregon Care Partners4/24/2019250
Rotary Club of Salem4/24/201975
Liberty House4/25/2019300
Oregon AFSCME4/26-28/2019350
ECRM/Path to Simple Meeting4/30/201930
Oregon Market - Organization Talent Review Meeting4/30/201945

May, 2019

Rotary Club of Salem5/1/201975
Friends of Pimpollo5/2/2019300
Scholastic Book Fair5/2-4/201920
Oregon Water Resources Congress5/2-3/201960
Boys and Girls Club Cinco de Micro5/3-4/20192000
Nellie Edge Seminars5/4/201935
Oregon Business and Industry5/7/2019200
Oregon Pastor's Conference5/7-8/201990
Oregon Society of Association Managements5/7/201965
Kaiser Permanente5/8/2019100
Rotary Club of Salem5/8/201975
Oregon Environmental Laboratory Association5/9/2019100
NW Dealer Direct5/9/201955
Oregon Health Authority5/10/2019300
North Salem High Band Boosters5/11/2019250
Annual Bariatric Surgery Winter Gala5/11/2019300
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce Monthly Forum5/13/2019150
Summit Orthotics and Prosthetics5/13/201920
Department of Human Services Supervisors Conference5/14-15/2019150
Ticor Title5/14/2019150
Willamette Valley Estate Planning Council5/14/201955
Young Life5/14-15/201914
Oregon AHMA5/15/201965
Rotary Club of Salem5/15/201975
RHRI Rural Health Summit5/15-16/201960
National Multiple Sclerosis Society5/16/201950
Bramble and Kaczynski Wedding5/19/201950
Mental Health Association of Oregon5/19-23/2019460
Valley Dance Academy5/19/2019
Rotary Club of Salem5/22/201975
Equipo Vision5/26/20191000
ECRM/Path to Simple Meeting5/28/201925
Rotary Club of Salem5/29/201975
Salem Leadership Foundation5/31/2019600

June, 2019

Horses of Hope6/1/2019250
Rotary Club of Salem6/5/201975
NW Dealer Direct6/6/201955
Salem Keizer Transit/Cherriots6/8/2019200
Mendoza Quince6/8/2019200
IMSA Northwest Annual Conference6/10/2019200
OSU College of Pharmacy6/10/201950
Oregon Virtual Academy6/15/20191000
Oregon Health Authority6/18/2019100
Northwest Environmental Business Council6/19/2019300
Rotary Club of Salem6/19/201975
Government Technology Digital Government6/20/2019270
Silveira & Scofield Wedding6/22/201950
Nellie Edge Seminars6/24-25/201960
Oregon SSA Annual Meeting6/25/2019125
Oregon AHMA6/26-28/2019300
Rotary Club of Salem6/26/201975