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November, 2019

The Oregon Community Foundation11/1/201985
Capital Futbol Club11/2/2019274
Gadomski and Sexton Wedding11/2/2019250
Oregon Army National Guard11/3/2019500
Northwest Farm Credit Services11/4/2019250
Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association11/5-7/2019150
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce11/4/2019150
Ryan, Swanson, and Cleveland, PLLC11/5-6/1910
WVP Health Authority11/5/201980
Ameriprise Financial11/6/201920
Rotary Club of Salem11/6/201975
Infectious Diseases Society of Oregon11/7/2019155
Northwest Dealer Direct Power Auto Group11/7/201955
Oregon Chapter ACP11/7-9/19200
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission11/7-8/201998
Simon Fraser University Track and Field11/8/201920
Freedom Foundation11/9/2019150
Team Oregon Motorcycle Safety11/9/2019250
Oregon Association of School Business Officials11/11-13/19300
Home Builders Association11/12/2019100
Willamette Valley Estate Planning Council11/12/201950
Novartis Pharmaceuticals11/13/201920
Regional Economic Models Inc11/13/201915
Rotary Club of Salem11/13/201975
Salem Health11/14/2019100
Arizone State University11/15-16/19130
80th Birthday Celebration11/15/201930
Hope Pregnancy Clinic11/16/2019400
Equipo Vision11/17/2019600
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce11/18/2019150
World Wide Dreambuilders11/18/2019300
Rotary Club of Salem11/20/201975
Boy's & Girls Club Civil War Auction11/21/2019600
Calistoga Mining Company11/22/2019125
Oregon Aglink11/22/2019550
Rotary Club of Salem11/27/201975
Western Horseman of Oregon11/31/2019130

December, 2019

December, 2019  
Oregon RTI Project12/3/2019100
Salem Health12/3/2019100
Gala of Trees Boys and Girls Aid12/4-7/19380
Rotary Club of Salem12/4/201975
CASA of Marion County12/5/2019450
Church of the Nazarene12/5/201937
NW Dealer Direct12/5/201955
Salem Women's Clinic12/5/201955
Boys & Girls Aid Gala of Trees12/6/2019350
Concept Systems Holiday Party12/6/201980
Crawford Electric12/6/201950
Resource Connections of Oregon12/6/201934
Salem Police Department Holiday Party12/6/2019200
BrucePac Holiday Party12/7/2019700
Grating Pacific Holiday Party12/7/201945
Sunrise Medical Consultants12/7/201935
Taylor Metal Products Holiday Party12/7/2019250
Packaging Corporation of American Holiday Lunch12/8/2019300
Oregon Seed Growers League12/9-10/19475
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce12/9/2019150
Capital Manor12/10/201980
Dallas Retirement Village12/10/201925
Young Life12/10-11/1914
Fairway Independent Mortgage12/11/201930
Rotary Club of Salem12/11/201975
Church Extension Plan12/12/201985
Emery and Sons Construction Holiday Party12/13/2019250
Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC12/13/201940
II-S Mechanical Inc.12/13/201945
Medical Center Eye Clinic12/13/201970
Pepsi Beverages Company Holiday Party12/13/201980
Saalfeld Griggs Holiday Party12/13/2019125
Austin Healy Club12/14/201950
Dalke Construction Holiday Party12/14/201987
Don Pancho Holiday Party12/14/2019500
Fast Undercar Holiday Party12/14/201960
M4 Investments12/14/201950
Open Road Transportation Holiday Party12/14/2019160
Reser's Fine Foods12/14/2019500
Willamette Valley Excavating Holiday Party12/14/201960
Equipo Vision12/15/2019600
Highway Trailer Sales12/15/201950
Law Offices of Spooner and Much12/18/201912
Rotary Club of Salem12/18/201975
Pratum Co-op12/19/2019200
Oregon Truss Holiday Party12/20/2019220
Carter and Company12/21/201950
Roberson Motors12/21/2019200
Country Financial Services12/28/201950
Luu and Goldson Wedding12/28/2019300