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November, 2018

Kaiser Permanente11/1/1860
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission of Oregon11/1-2/1875
The Oregon Community Foundation11/1/1875
Jerry Jones Direct11/2-3/1810
Project Management Institute11/2/18250
Schooner Landing11/4/18100
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce11/5/18150
Rotary Club of Salem11/7/1875
Infectious Disease Society of Oregon11/8/18155
Project Management Institute11/8/1855
Oregon Chapter ACP11/8-10/18200
Grove Mueller and Swank11/9/1875
Rotary Club of Salem11/10/18150
Oregon RTI Project11/13-14/1870
Willamette Valley Estate Planning Council11/13/1850
Willamette Valley Hospice11/13/18150
Rotary Club of Salem11/14/1875
Boys & Girls Club Civil War Auction11/15/18600
Team Oregon Instructor Recognition Banquet11/10/18250
Oregon Aglink "Denim and Diamonds"11/16/18600
Helen Parsels 90th Birthday11/17/1850
Pfeifer Roofing11/17/18160
Rotary Club of Salem11/21/1875
Deleon Guerrero Wedding11/24/18250
Western Horseman of Oregon11/24/18130
Oregon RTI Project11/27/18150
Oregon Rural Electric Coop. Assn.11/27-29/18175
Rotary Club of Salem11/28/1875
Wilbur Ellis11/30/18200

December, 2018

Group DateAttendees
Emery and Sons12/1/18250
Grating Pacific12/1/1845
Nellie Edge Seminars12/1/1825
Sunrise Medical Consultants12/1/1835
Power Auto Group12/2/1855
Oregon Association of Realtors12/3-4/201840
Oregon Farm Bureau12/4-7/18220
Pratum Co-op12/5/18200
Rotary Club of Salem12/5/1875
CASA Of Marion County12/6/18450
Church of the Nazarene12/6/1837
Northwest Dealer Direct12/6/1855
West Consultants12/6/1840
Concept Systems Inc.12/7/1880
Medical Center Eye Clinic12/7/1860
Salem Police12/7/18200
State Independent Living Council12/7/1818
Summit Cleaning and Restoration12/7/18120
Fast Undercar12/8/1860
K&E Excavating12/8/18300
M4 Investments12/8/1850
Open Road Transportation12/8/18100
Taylor Metal12/8/18250
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce12/10/18150
Oregon Seed Growers League12/10-11/18300
Salem Emergency Physicians12/11/18200
WVP Health Authority12/11/18350
Rotary Club of Salem12/12/1875
Within Our Reach 201812/12-14/18350
Dalke Construction12/15/1887
Don Pancho12/15/18500
ERA Northwest Professional Realty12/15/1840
Marc Nelson Oil Products12/15/1890
Smart Energy Today12/17-18/201830
Rotary Club of Salem12/19/1875
Oregon Society of CPA's12/20/1820
Howell and Griffith Wedding12/29/18200